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Alhamdullah we are running the Centre for Classical Arabic and Quranic Language in Suite 3/285 Pennant Hills Road, Carlingford.

Quran classes for all ages - beginners to advanced:

Courses: Tajweed, Najarah, Noorani qaida/Iqra book, Tahara, Salah, Masnun duas, Islamic manners.
Date: Every Tuesday between Magrib and Isha
Venue: Suite 3/285 Pennant Hills Road, Carlingford, NSW 2118

Jummah salah in  Carlingford area.

 Khutba starts: 12:55pm

 Venue: 1st Roselea Scout Hall, Plympton Rd, Carlingford


قال النبي صلى الله عليه و سلم : لا يؤمن أحدكم حتى أكون أحب إليه من والده وولده والناس أجمعين
None of you truly believes until I am more beloved to him than his father, his children and mankind in its entirety. [Bukhari]