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Alhamdullah, Allah (SWT) gave us the tawfiq to have Ryde Musallah on its own land (3 Blaxland Road, Ryde) and serve  a large and diverse  community of Ryde and its neighbourhood suburbs. The land for musallah was first purchased in 2005 and it was finanlised in 2013. The Masjid is architecturally designed with approximately 150 sqm of prayer space which can accommodate up to 250 people. It has a separte room for females along with toilet area.



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The Imam, the hadith master, Abu al-Qasim ibn Asakir said:

" Know, my brother that the flesh of scholars is a poison, and Allah's custom with those who disparage them is well known: whoever utters defamation regarding the scholars with his tongue, Allah Most High afflicts him before his death with the death of his heart."  -[at-Tibyan fi adab hamalat al-Quran by Imam Nawawi]